Heat pump sales 2018 in Finland shot up by 22% – investments exceed half a billion  

Heat pump sales increased by 22% and even more in euros. More than half a billion euros were invested in the 75,000 installed heat pumps in 2018.  As many as 900,000 heat pumps have already been sold in FinlandTheir total annual output is 10 TWh which corresponds to 15% of the heating of Finland's residential and service building stock.  Between 6 and 7 TWh of renewable energy and waste heat is recovered annually and used in heat pumps.  It is noteworthy that this huge investment in the environment and in fighting against climate change has been made mainly by house owners using their own money. The excellent profitability of heat pumps has made consumers' decision-making easier. People have also started to understand the significant role of heat pumps in heat decarbonisation and demand response.

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Heat Pump Investments up to Half a Billion a Year in Finland 

Heat-pump sales figures saw a growth last year, both in numbers as well as particularly in euros. The trade of large heat-pumps continued to get busier. The investments in the more than 60 000 installed heat pumps was up to as much as half a billion euros per year. The thermal output of the installed heat pumps in 2017 was 500 MW. The heat pumps that were installed last year hauled out more than half a terawatt-hour worth of energy from around houses per year. More than 800 000 heat pumps have now been installed in Finland, and they produce 6-7 TWh of renewable energy per year. It is noteworthy that this huge investment in the environment and in climate-change prevention has been made mainly by home owners using their own money. The excellent profitability of heat pumps has, of course, made consumers' decision-making easier.

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Sales figures and charts


The increasing number of heat pumps is not growing the peak power demand in electricity system

The study indicated that even if the number of heat pumps increases significantly by 2030, and they collect 3 – 5 TWh renewable energy annually from the surroundings of new single-family houses, the electric power demand will even decrease.

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The Heat Pump Industry Back on Track towards Growth in Finland

After a few years' decline that was caused by a slump in construicton,  the economy, the general mood as well as by cheap oil, heat-pump sales have taken a turn for the better again.  Last year, more than 60 000 heat pumps were sold. Consumers invested 350 million in heat pumps. The amount of energy that heat pumps extracted from around houses rose to 0,6 TWh per year. Heat pumps became a more popular heating and cooling choice for bigger buildings. The total number of heat  pumps that have been installed in Finland will exeed the 800 000 limit andy day now.

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1TWh increase in renewable-energy use in heating of houses with the 60,000 heat pumps installed last year

There are already as many as 730,000 heat pumps in Finland. They extract more than 5 terawatt-hours of energy from around buildings per year. A heat pump is by far the most popular form of heating in new single-family houses, and heat pumps are rapidly replacing oil and electric heating as well as district heating in old buildings. In 2015, Finns invested approximately 350 million Euros in heat pumps, out of their own pockets. 

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All heat pump types more cost-efficient than district heating in Finnish nearly zero energy buildings

Finnish nearly zero energy level for buildings can be achieved more cost-efficiently with concepts utilizing heat pumps than district heating. This was one of the main result of development project "HP4NZEB – Heat Pump Concepts for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings", where the main objective was to outline the role of heat pumps in energy- and cost-efficient nearly zero energy building solutions.

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Growth in heat-pump sales volumes in Finland - 670,000 heat pumps are drawing 5 TWh worth of renewable energy from around buildings

67,000 heat pumps were sold last year in the country of five million people. This represented a growth of 10% as compared to the previous year. The market-share growth in energy-efficiency refurbishment as well as the warm summer increased the air-source and air-to-water heat pump sales. The strong decline in construction brought the ground-source and exhaust-air heat pump figures down. The 670,000 heat pumps draw 5 TWh worth of local heat from around buildings annually. Finns invested approximately 400 million Euros in heat pumps in 2014.

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Statistics Finland,  Heat Pump Sales per HP capasity 2014

Heat Pump Market in Finland


Heat Pump Study in Finland for 2030:
Savings Billion per Year, Investments 12 Billion, 3000 Workplaces

The environment, the economy and the consumer's wallet will benefit, if heat pumps become more common in Finland. It will lower our energy consumption, create consumer savings, increase employment and improve Finland's trade balance, says a report commissioned by The Finnish Heat Pump Association (SULPU) from sustainable business consultancy Gaia Consulting.


The First EHPA European Heat Pump Quality Label In Finland has been Awarded

The first European heat pump quality label – the EHPA Quality Label (EHPA QL) – in Finland was awarded to the heat-pump manufacturer Lämpöässä and its Esi/Vm model series. The Finnish Heat Pump Association has now, for several years, been an official member of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) Quality Label Committee. The Quality Label was awarded by the Finnish National Quality Committee, which supervises and develops the quality of heat-pump industry products and functionality in Finland. The National Quality Committee that awarded the Quality Label consists of experienced energy-industry experts. It includes independent representatives from Aalto University, the Finnish Refrigeration Enterprises Association (FREA), the Finnish HVACR Association (SuLVI), the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and SULPU. There are also three representatives from the heat-pump industry in the Committee.

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