Heat pump sales 2018 in Finland shot up by 22% – investments exceed half a billion

Heat pump sales increased by 22% and even more in euros. More than half a billion euros were invested in the 75,000 installed heat pumps in 2018.  As many as 900,000 heat pumps have already been sold in Finland.  Their total annual output is 10 TWh which corresponds to 15% of the heating of Finland’s residential and service building stock.  Between 6 and 7 TWh of renewable energy and waste heat is recovered annually and used in heat pumps.  It is noteworthy that this huge investment in the environment and in fighting against climate change has been made mainly by house owners using their own money. The excellent profitability of heat pumps has made consumers’ decision-making easier. People have also started to understand the significant role of heat pumps in heat decarbonisation and demand response.

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Sales figures and charts