Heat Pump Investments up to Half a Billion a Year in Finland

Heat-pump sales figures saw a growth last year, both in numbers as well as particularly in euros. The trade of large heat-pumps continued to get busier. The investments in the more than 60 000 installed heat pumps was up to as much as half a billion euros per year. The thermal output of the installed heat pumps in 2017 was 500 MW. The heat pumps that were installed last year hauled out more than half a terawatt-hour worth of energy from around houses per year. More than 800 000 heat pumps have now been installed in Finland, and they produce 6-7 TWh of renewable energy per year. It is noteworthy that this huge investment in the environment and in climate-change prevention has been made mainly by home owners using their own money. The excellent profitability of heat pumps has, of course, made consumers’ decision-making easier.

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